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Furrlies reunion is a 2D puzzle game, with a Sudoku like basic logic, featuring furry mystical creatures coming from a magical world in nine groups to spread love and peace in our world, each group consists of nine colorful cute creatures, and each individual creature is unique and special in his group these lovely creatures seek to be reunited in a unique way, that every colored furrly appears only once in every column, row and block.

Some of these furrlies have lost their way and they need your help to join their group. And since they are magical creatures! They need a magical potion to live in this world. Each mistake will cost you a dose of this precious potion. When reunited, furrlies will give you a new dose through their magical power. if you run out of potion furrlies will fade away, so you have to be careful.
in some situations when things gets hard some magical furrlies come to help you find the right cell for each furrly.
when your potion is about to run out the joker furrly comes for the aid, he has the ability to mimic all the colors of the furrlies so put him in any cell and he will do the magic, he will also give you a new dose of the magical potion.

In some difficult levels when there are so many missing furrlies, a sorcerer furrly comes around to help you, this tough guy has the ability to summon ghosts for a short period of time, but using his ability will cost you a dose of the precious potion, so use it wisely.

The game begins with 5 tutorial levels explaining the rules of the game, and a total of 165 level ranging from super easy to super hard, each puzzle is randomly generated that no two puzzles are the same.

This game is developed by Ali Kifah and all rights are reserved to the developer.

Email: Olver422@yahoo.com


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Furrlies Reunion - Android(Google Drive link)
Furrlies reunion-Android (Direct link) 37 MB

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